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Tehillah Life Centre (TLC) was birthed as a family and household of faith through a prophetic word released by Apostle Frans du Plessis on the 17 March 2002 to our founding fathers in the faith, Mervyn and Rosh Peters.

The name ‘Tehillah’ was chosen by our leaders, who understood the journey in God, and declared this family name as the result of many vital experiences and challenges to become the enthroning praise of God. Tehillah is the perfected praise that has become the song of the Lord. This song cannot be learned because it is a culmination of experiences that have caused the lives of our leaders to become God’s enthroning praise.


East Gate Family Church [EGFC], came through divine intervention and coincided with our move to our new premises and our association with Gate Ministries.

Mervyn & Rosh

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The word “Tehillah” is a very interesting one and was chosen because of our unique journey with the Lord. It is the perfected praise and one that enthrones God. Therefore Tehillah really denotes a well constituted, well defined and a well-designed life,