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Sheralynne Singh

Sheralynne Singh

By Tehillah in Uncategorized on May 5, 2019

With the tragic passing on of their eldest child, Sheralynne Singh in March 1999, they decided to retreat from community ministry for a season to find rest in God. With both their children, Olivia and Alaister, they moved to Durban where they met with Frans and Netta du Plessis [Lighthouse Ministries] who played an active role in mentoring them for the next 12 years.

Whilst in Durban they, together with Pastor Samson Veeriah, played a vital role in the opening of Hope Counselling Centre in Chatsworth. This much-needed facility saw the transformation of precious lives surrendered to the Lord Jesus Christ. One of the highlights of the Centre was the organization of a Youth Camp for 200 indigent youth, all paid for by well-wishers. Regular training and teaching to deal with crisis and care were also done at the Centre to equip leaders to continue the work that was started. It was during this time Mervyn and Rosh completed a Care Givers Certification Course with the University of Pretoria.

The first book, Tehillah – Journey to the Throne – has been written after their first born, Sheralynne Singh at the age of 23 years, together with her unborn child, were killed in a motor car collision, about 500 metres from TLC. Other books that followed were The Heart of the Kingdom – The Hidden Treasure Revealed; The 7 Radiations of the Spirit of God; God’s First Ripe Fruit and the sequel to the first two books in manual and book form – The Kingdom of God is Within You. All the books deal with our corporate journey. Electronic and hard copies of the books are available on request. Monies derived from the sale of books will go a long way towards subsidizing future printing.

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