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By Tehillah in Uncategorized on May 5, 2019

The heartbeat of the North was started in 2017 and incorporates a team of dedicated, called out, faithful and diligent sons of God who are visionaries and plan strategically to touch the world around us.
This team includes the East Gate, Watchman Ministries, and Love of Christ Families.
The following pertinent issues were discussed and planned:

  1. Support given to the school going children in counselling and deliverance, teaching and discipling, the meaning of being the born again, baptisms and training for ministry.
  2. Discovering one’s calling and gifting and placing one in teams for effective ministry.
  3. Evangelism in each of the areas we live in.
  4. Dealing with the following crises in schools – drugs, deviant behaviour, learning difficulties and sexual promiscuity.
  5. Strategic plans for youth and children’s ministries.
  6. Dealing with singles and loneliness.
  7. Dealing with barrenness.
  8. Support for children and parents who suffer abuse, marriage crises and family trauma.
  9. Seminars and schools for children and adults
  10. Printing of manuals and books.

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