East Gate Family Church

East Gate Family Church is the nucleus of Tehillah Life Centre. East Gate Family Church is the family that Mervyn and Rosh father.

The hallmark of EGFC is love, a love for God and His word and a love for each other. We run schools regularly in order to train and mature family members in the word and in their calling and gifting so that we can all become relevant in the activities that TLC is involved in.

The word EAST GATE was also relevantly chosen. East is very significant in the Bible and means, the forefront of things, ancient and beginning of a thing. It comes from a root word meaning to meet or to go beforehand. The East GATE in the Bible was shown to be the way of the Lord, the beginning of advent and the eye of the city.

The east position or the position that is an ancient path, a path restoring all of God’s original plans to carry the glory of God as the covering. We understand now why God restored the property to TLC and also commanded us to preach and teach the Kingdom of God. It is His will to restore and to reconcile all things back to Him and to establish the authority given to man to administrate the earth on His behalf.
God not only restored the property back to TLC against all odds but also provided an opportunity again to become His East Gate in this town to bring healing and restoration to His people.

Ezekiel 43:4 And the glory of the Lord entered the temple by the gate facing east.

Vision: We are a family passionately led by the Holy Spirit in pursuit of being the exact representation of Christ in the Earth. As a family (Father/ Son wineskin) our express intent is to touch and transform the local, national and global