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Adopt a School

Adopt a School

By Tehillah in Uncategorized on May 5, 2019

IN 2018 at least 2 senior school educators called the church for assistance regarding students engaging in bullying, fighting, drug abuse and sexually deviant behaviour. While we heeded the call to assist with counselling of the students in question, we realised that divine intervention is absolutely necessary for a heart change. The heartbeat team then met to strategize the way forward in helping these schools and their learners.

Firstly, we forged links with the National Student Christian Association, the Christian Parent Association, and the Christian Teachers Association. This then gave us the opportunity to work with a much larger body and to follow the same principles that the national team uses.
We decided to train leaders for this ministry in the following areas:

  1. Hold Student Christian Association meetings and fellowship in schools.
  2. Set up a counselling centre in each school with trained counsellors.
  3. To train students as peer counsellors.
  4. To offer students some form of creativity in music, art, drama, dance and craft which are not included in the curricula of many Government Schools.
  5. To open our youth meetings at church to willing students and parents.
  6. To start a sports club for students to keep them joyfully and meaningfully occupied.
  7. To adopt a school and help with the needs of the school by finding sponsors, helping with gardening, setting up sports fields, helping with tuition.

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