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By Tehillah in Uncategorized on May 5, 2019

Dialogue on the Apostolic is held at Tehillah Life Centre on alternate Saturdays from 08h00 in the morning. This table is administrated by Mervyn and Rosh Peters and is attended by leaders and members of East Gate Family Church as well as the leadership of Watchman Ministries from Stanger and the leadership of Love of Christ Ministries.
We have tabled teachings on Sonship, the divine attributes of God, the redemption of the soul, ruling and reigning above principalities, powers, rulers of darkness and spiritual wickedness. Presently we are tabling the subject of the Gospel of the Kingdom.

This forum is opened to all who are called into leadership and ministry.

“The DOA table is a place where family comes together carrying a unique expression of the Father’s heart. It presents revealed truth to enthrone Christ in one’s heart. It takes one on a journey into the inner recesses of one’s heart to discover God-given purpose and destiny. We are truly blessed and enriched to be a part of the DOA (North) in advancing the Kingdom of God on the earth.” [Pastor Lucian Naidoo – Watchman Ministries, Stanger].

“DOA is a bi-weekly of leaders for doctrinal dialogue and fellowship which is led by Pastor Rosh and Mervyn Peters. The gathering has helped me with a changed mindset and elevated my perspective in the things of God and greatly influenced personal decisions and ministry relationships. I have also been encouraged my personal improvement in biblical research, understanding of the kingdom of God, the value of sonship and transgenerational building.” [Pastor Chris Mathosi – Love of Christ Ministries, Durban]

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